More To The Story

Series: "Worth the Wait"

More To The Story

October 18, 2020 | Mike Solorio


“More to the Story”

(2 Kings 4:8-10)


 Do you like a really good story? Are you a good story teller?

 3 things you decide when telling a story: where it starts, where it stops, what you skip

 When you don't know the story first hand, it's hard to be thankful

 To really understand the story of the Shunammite woman, you have to know the whole story.

 Our ‘small story’ absorbed into Gods BIG story equals HIS - STORY

 Your story doesn’t stop at salvation, it's only the beginning


 2 Kings 4:11-14

 We live in a world that has confused "snaps" with a story. We have snapchat stories and Instagram stories but those really aren't stories, they're just scenes!

 You can't judge the story by the scene!

 The life of Joseph (Genesis 37-50)

 When we feel stuck in a story, it's easy to judge it by the scene you're in, but the scene is not the whole story!

 Don’t stop the story just because you don’t like the scene!


 2 Kings 4:15-17

 How much of your story that you tell is dependent on how much you trust.

 This woman was well off but she had a barren womb. You can be very wealthy but extremely lonely. There's more to the story!

 This woman had her son, she was finally happy. BUT…there was more to the story!

Sometimes the dreams we birth will die! Then we have to decide, is it a scene or the end of our story.

 And any time something in your life dies, go back to the one who promised will never leave you nor forsake you. God’s presence is your promise! It may be a different season, but it’s the same God.

 Whatever is barren in your life, God can still bring forth and whatever dies can come alive with one word from God!


 2 Kings 8:1-5

Some of the worst scenes in your life make the best stories!

 Her need collided with Gods provision and her past collided with her future.

 God Works While You Wait. And what He’s doing in the moment is greater than you know!

 It was the scene that this woman would've chosen to skip that brought her to this place.

 2 Kings 8:6

 She didn’t have to convince the king about her miracle, because her miracle was standing next to her!

 We have a story to tell and IT MUST BE TOLD!

 Have you owned your story or have you just been told your story! This is our story: HE LIVED, HE DIED, HE ROSE, HE LIVES FOREVERMORE! Amazing Grace, I once was lost but now i'm found!

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