Freed: Citizenship in Community

Series: Freed: from Prison to Peace

Freed: Citizenship in Community

May 10, 2020 | Mark Simmons

Freed: From Prison to Peace

Citizenship in Community

Philippians 1:27-2:4


Live as Honored Citizens

Philippians 3:20 (NLT)

Noun form


Verb form in our verse

Philippians 1:27

Above all, you must live as citizens of heaven, conducting yourselves in a manner worthy of the Good News about Christ.  (NLT)

Only let your manner of life be worthy[h] of the gospel of Christ. (ESV)

[h] Greek Only behave as citizens worthy



Just one thing: As citizens of heaven, live your life worthy of the gospel of Christ. (CSB)
Live as citizens who reflect the Good News about Christ. (GW)
The only thing that matters is that you continue to live as good citizens in a manner worthy of the gospel of the Messiah. (ISV)

So here is what I want you to do: conduct yourselves as true and worthy citizens of the Anointed’s gospel.  (Voice)


Normally Paul uses a different Greek word about living our lives for Jesus. It’s a word that means literally, “walk.” This is a different word.

Politeuomai= to live as a citizen, to discharge one’s responsibilities as a citizen


The story of Philippi


[In vv. 27] Paul is here making a play on their “dual citizenship”—of the empire by virtue of being Philippians; of heaven by virtue of their faith in Christ and incorporation into the believing community. –Gordon Fee, NT scholar


Emperor   Titles                 Citizenship   Calling

Nero          Lord & Savior    Roman           Follow Caesar

Jesus         Lord &Savior     Heavenly       Follow King Jesus


As followers of Jesus, our FIRST question is NEVER:

What are my personal rights as an American citizen (or any other country)?

     It is ALWAYS 

     What are my responsibilities to others as a heavenly citizen?

  1. Live as Honored Citizens
  2. Live as Honored Sufferers


Philippians 1:29-30 (NLT)


How would it change your suffering if you changed your frame of reference from:

          Why is this happening to me? 


          How can we enter into the suffering of Jesus more deeply?

  1. Live as Honored Citizens
  2. Live as Honored Sufferers
  3. Live as Honored Companions


Philippians 2:1-4 (NLT)


By Our Love

Brothers . . .   they will know us by our love

Sisters . . .     they will know us by our love

Church . . .     they will know us by our love

Children . . .   they will know you by your love


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